Miss Potter

Full name: Nguyễn Thị Thanh Mai
Student Code: 12032123
Class: Double Degree - QH-2013-X


The film “Miss Potter” was inspired from the real life and told about love and life of women writer Beatrix Potter. Watching the film, viewers may be impressed by the physical and mental beauty of the main character Beatrix or the British cultural and natural beauty. Personally, the thing that made this film different from other booming movies is the slow and gentle way of storytelling.

The movie concentrates on only a few years in the life of Beatrix Potter, who privately published her first book, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. The book become so popular the publisher who had firstly rejected it reconsidered to cooperate if Beatrix agreed to redemonstrate it in color. Published in 1902, the book hit the mark and the money she earned from it brought her independence from her strait-laced, nouveau-riche Victorian family.

The point that impressed me most about “Miss Potter” is the narrative slowly gently directed by Chris Noonan. The film is not too stressful or climax although the director could easily make the film as film stress on the criminal, from tension to tension of Beatrix with the mother until the publisher. Chris Noonan also did not exaggerate the challenges that the Beatrix had to deal with to publish the book “Peter Rabbit”. Besides, it is clear that the director also did not add some thorny facts such as Gentlewomen should not earn money, drawing rabbit is childish or undesirability of publishers, etc. to make strain for viewers.

Noonan directed the film “Miss Potter” in a totally different way. He arranged softly and delightful scenes besides difficulties the Beatrix faced to make the film become brighter and lighter. He beautifully filmed British with spectacular mountains and rivers with lovely wild animals. He filmed the scene that Beatrix was composing cute...