Mirror in the Water

Where I live isn’t much of anything. The neighbors are great, but only amongst themselves. I sit in the sandbox making what I can out of the loose fragments, while the boys and girls play outside together in harmony. They run and fall and laugh and cry and they are all fond of these mixed feelings. The sandbox suits me. It’s itchy, annoying, gross and plain. Sand is whatever and sits there. It’s a depressing day, like every day, the sun only seems to shine every once in a while here in Seattle. This suits me as well. My so-called parents named me Calleo. They don’t praise me like they do my brothers. I don’t cause trouble like them. My brothers are arrogant, and that’s all you need to know about them. Nobody seems to understand me; who needs them.

            School is just a phase of my life that I have to go through whether I like it or not. I walk there every morning. The bus wasn’t my friend. The students on the bus were egotistical and into themselves. They weren’t attentive of their surrounding and didn’t care of what others thought about them; took no one into consideration. Jerks. My classes through the day weren’t much different. I liked to sit in the front when there was a free seat, but the back was fine. I pay attention better anyways. It worked.

            There only seemed to be one thing, and one thing only that I enjoyed about my school days. Adair was the one who pleased me. She was lovely with her flowing, long, dark hair along with her dusky complexion. Her brown eyes were the first thing that caught mine. They were irresistible. Unfavorably, Demi holds her heart. Damieon was his name, but he preferred Demi. He played with her emotions as if they were a measly toy, like a yo-yo perhaps or a seesaw. She knows of his wrongdoings, yet she crawls back. I don’t understand. I give her a rose holding my affections for her. She lets the delicate flower fall upon the ground with such force and abomination as she runs into the arms of Demi Campbell....