Mind and Body

Mind/Body Paper
Vanessa Holloway
University of Phoenix, Augusta Campus
Ralph Hamilton
March 6, 2010

Mind/Body Paper
    One dictionary describes the mind as follows: "The collective conscious and unconscious series of natural occurrences in a responsive individual that express and influence mental and physical behaviour (thebigview.com)." This description recognizes the mind as being a conscious living thing and recognizes it with actions that are in charge of behaviour. According to the examination of modern-day science, these are brain and nerve acquired knowledge of natural occurrences, muscle activity, and heightened sensory awareness.
Mind and consciousness relationship
  Researchers have confirmed in abundance the mind and body influence each other, and remind all to consider: that responsiveness isn't limited to the brain; it functions outside the biochemical position between brain and the immune system. This consciousness revolution is the talk of Western medicine. The connection linking mind and body lies at the mind of much philosophy.
Action, which has its beginning in the mind and ending results are in physical actions, brings about many questions, most of which involve free will. Seeing that it occurs, the behaviour of less than atomic particles begin to exist to abide by only collected data, similar   data influencing or controlling games of chance; and so a good number of physicists experts in this day and age reject the belief that everything is caused. However it is no more apparent how we could have an effect on the course of subatomic units by means of our aim or objective than it is how we could change the distant past or the divine will of nature. You are that history or future being that has your mind generally speaking, the one whose being you can commit to memory, or who can memorize your life. A competitive observation is that our individuality through time is made up in some physical connection not relating to the mind....