IS SHUGYO



  1) What is Aikido?

  2) What is Shugyo?

  3) Acknowledgements

  4) bibliography



Most people consider Aikido to be an old-fashioned martial art. The founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1869) studied various kinds of Martial Arts and used his experience to form the techniques of Aikido. Aikido is more than just a combination of various martial art systems e.g. Yagyo Ryo, Shiyo Ryo, Kito Ryo, Daito Ryo, Shinkage Ryo etc. Aikido is not a combination of these arts. All aiki techniques are a function of Ki as mentioned by Morihei Ueshiba.


As mentioned by O sensei “The essential nature of Aikido is quite different from other martial arts.”
Aikido is a budo, a martial Art. Aikido is the refinement of traditional material techniques combined with a philosophy of the spirit. It is a method of combining mind and body. Aikido avoids using trickery, strength, deception and force to defeat an opponent. It is a method for us to search for the way and it enables us to develop our individual character. We have harmonized our minds and bodies with the universe and then respond to any contingency that may arise. Aikido is a training system that actually allows us to experience this.

In Aikido we strive to understand the concept of “Ki” through experience and try to make this part of our everyday lives. Aikido is an art which “one” can strike the “many”. Train yourself to mindful of attacks coming from four or eight directions.


The term Shugyo means the pursuit of knowledge, studying, learning, training and discipline. “Shu” means “discipline” or “study” and “gyo” means “the arts”. Means a disciplined studied of the arts. Its purpose is to toughen the body and polish the spirit. Dojo is o...

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