The purpose of this training program is to adequately prepare RSS Platoon, 7 RAR for upcoming operations in the desert environment. This program will exercise Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Sniper skills in a physical and mental capacity.
RSS Platoon will undertake a four week lead up program. The first week will consist of predominately theory based training in the lecture room, in preparation for a TTP development week to be held in the UOTF and the DTA. This two week block will allow PC’s, Sniper team leaders and Surveillance Det commanders to build team cohesion and rehearse relevant skills sets required from their respective C/S’s. Week three will be conducted in MBTA and will test each element on their group cohesion and the robustness of their TTP’s, through the use of a tactical exercise in the CTA against an enemy with simular skill sets. This week will be focused mainly on identifying strengths and weaknesses within C/S’s and utilising AAR’s IOT improve upon these. The final week will also be in MBTA and will be utilised in two parts; the first being a “make amends” block, and the second being a full RSS Platoon tactical activity (EX ANTI-HAMEL) in which members will deploy on a three day exercise into the field and all work towards a common mission.
Additionally members will undertake a Physical Training program that aims to mentally and physically harden them as well as assist in developing group cohesiveness.
End state
RSS Platoon has successfully developed their TTP’s and their skills have been tested by EX ANTI-HAMEL; resulting in an RSS Platoon that is ready to deploy on operations in the desert environment.
Training outcomes
  1. Desert hides.
  2. Stalks.
  3. Desert OP’s.
  4. Patrolling techniques in the desert environment.
  5. Break contacts in desert environment and Green Zone.
  6. Room entry drills.
  7. Building clearance drills.
  8. Co-operative drills with all ISR...