Mike Mine Hemlock

Make mine hemlock
Prior to Christianity governments weren’t concerned with suicide it was thought of as a means of obtaining an end in some situation and honor in others.

With Christianity suicide was believed to be a sin.   Since you cannot repent from suicide seen as a sin some people were denied the privilege of being buried in sacred burial grounds because it was believed they would go to hell for committing suicide

It was believed that we didn’t have the right to end our own life because out life belonged to God not ourselves.

Suicide became a sin against nature not against God since the belief in Christianity had lessened, Society doesn’t own people we own society.   Without God or slavery no one owns us but ourselves.   Since we own ourselves we can kill our self if we want as long as we don’t harm anyone else in doing so

Most people don’t want to kill themselves but that isn’t a good enough reason to prevent suicide.   People who belief suicide is morally wrong tent to be able to refrain from such an act more easily.   There isn’t a clear rule made by the government or anyone else that can prevent a competent person from killing themselves.  

Since suicide goes against traditional beliefs there are obstacles in the way to try to sway people in a different direction.   Obstacles to stand in the way of suicide.

Healthy people have to get more creative with ways to commit suicide compared to people with crippling diseases most medical physicians don’t want to assist in this act either due to moral beliefs or fear of legal repercussions.
Dr Jack Kevorkian is a rare and courageous exemption- he is willing to help those who want to end their life.
Some doctors feel that patients who are terminally ill and in extreme pain should be helped in order to ease the pain