Mid Term Essay

I am rewriting my essay for my instructor, that describes the three visible articles of clothing I was wearing on March 3, 2011, then describing the one article of clothing that suits my personality the best.
I was wearing a red flannel shirt with black and medium blue checks.   The checks on the shirt have a thin black line enclosing the medium blue checks; the blue checks are actually small.   There are two breast pockets, with flaps that have brown, marbleized looking buttons on to hold the flaps closed; there is also three of the same type of buttons running down the front of the shirt.   From numerous washing over the years the shirt collar doesn’t like to lie flat and has wrinkles on it.   My shirt is soft, wrinkly and has some worn out seams that have dangling threads, and are a little ragged around the edges.   My oldest son, Russell, bought this shirt for one of my birthdays, although I am not sure which one.  
I was also wearing a pair of washed out faded blue Levi jeans. They are threadbare in some spots, but are not holey yet, also they have a few bleach spots on the legs.   They have a button fly closure and a zipper, with fraying around the edges of the button hole and the seams that hold the zipper in place.   They are what are called low riders, so they fit low and comfortable around the waist.   The thread in the seams is darker than the material itself due to the age of the jeans.   The legs on the jeans are a boot cut; this makes them flair a little bit at the bottom.   I bought these jeans at a store my family and friends call, Sally Ann’s, the local thrift store here in Rome. I paid about seven dollars for them several years ago.
Lastly, I was wearing a pair of black winter boots that are edged with a black and gray fur trim at the top.   The bottom part of the boots is made of rubber; the upper half is faux suede.   The boots lace up the front with black laces, they have five metal grommets going up each side that the laces run through.   The tongue...