The Troubles of Childhood Obesity

The Troubles of Childhood Obesity
Navi Parker
English 122
Sarah Bowman
October 10, 2010

The seriousness of childhood obesity can not be stressed enough. If more people where educated on this topic then maybe the continuous rising numbers could possibly become decreasing. It is a lot of people who have just recently started working to turn this problem around. Our current first lady Michelle Obama is one of the people. She started a campaign to raise awareness about childhood obesity. Her Let’s Move campaign has been very informative and has did just as she wanted, open eyes on a subject that has been over looked. Considering all the documents and all the deaths that have taken place due to childhood obesity, you would think this would have been happened.
I planned to stick to the original claim, but after research I see that my claim would be a little wrong due to the lack of parents knowing all the information they should. At first when I looked at this topic I was upset. I couldn’t understand why a parent would allow their child to become over weight/obese. Now after getting more knowledge I have come to realize that most parents are not educated on childhood obesity. I am addressing the lifestyle of the child. Another topic will be to educate on childhood obesity. The way food is marketed to children is another topic. The way schools better meals and activities a child could be offered and also entertainment. I feel that entertainment plays a big part. Medical information was a big help because it informed me on diseases, and also names of things such as BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Articles the internet and Proquest were all a big help.
After   doing research it is one topic that kept jumping out and seemed to be more important than the kids. The topic was how much money is being spent every year. Quoted directly, “The countries overall expense of care for overweight youth at $14 billion annually.” (Levinet and Stien) This is just one of...