Racial and Ethnic Groups Matrix
Dikkia Murvin
SOC/262- Contemporary American Society
August 16, 2012
Tara Tolbert
University of Phoenix Material

Racial and Ethnic Groups Matrix

Complete the matrix below by answering the questions for each group.

|                   |Race vs. Ethnicity   |Origins and Past Experiences                                       |Challenges in the U.S.             |American Identity   |Personal Experiences and       |
|                   |                     |                                                                   |                                   |                     |Comments                       |
|                   |Is this an ethnic or|Where did this group originate? How did this group become a part of|What challenges has this grouped   |How is this group   |Have you witness any racism or |
|                   |racial group and     |American culture?                                                   |faced in the U.S.?                 |portrayed today in   |prejudice toward this group?   |
|                   |why?                 |                                                                   |                                   |American society?   |Any additional comments?       |
|Native Americans   |Racial Group         |Native Americans have history in the Americas dating back 50,000   |Maintaining political sovereignty   |Many native         |Yes, their dependents that are |
|                   |Defined by skin     |years, making them the longest human species to inhabit the         |which is under constant and         |Americans are       |mixed are not treated fairly by|
|                   |color and facial     |amerces.                                                           |perpetual assault, the tribes’     |portrayed as thieves|their own people; unless there |
|                   |features.           |Some scientist state that they migrated from Asia during the ice   |native language is becoming...