Every one has a “first time.” My first pony ride, my first time fishing, my first time going on vacation, but as you get older the “my firsts” become more adventurous. Ever since I turned eighteen I have had more privileges. I’m able to get a tattoo without parental permission also get body piercings, and believe me I have took advantage of some of those. My most memorable moment was my first night at a dance club. That’s where my adventurous first comes into play.
Most of my friends attend East Stroudsburg University so I go there a lot. My one friend asked me to go to a club with her and some of the girls that attend East Stroudsburg also. I never went to a night club before, but I thought, “Hey, I’m eighteen, why not?” I wasn’t sure what club we were going to but I figured it would be one around the Stroudsburg area. The night of the club I took my car up to the college and gave my friend a call. Turns out, the club was in Allentown, and I was nominated driver!
All the girls hopped in my car and off we went, forty minutes of back tracking. We rocked out the whole way there to Lil Wayne and Drake, the famous rap artists of the year. I was nervous driving the whole way down just because I had precious cargo in the car, but I was enjoying myself. We finally arrive in Allentown about quarter of eleven. I wasn’t sure where I was going so my friend Brianna helped me out. We go down all these back alley roads where random people were hanging out on the streets. That was the time I wished I wasn’t so cheap and paid to have tinted windows, but I locked all of our doors just as a pre caution. I still had no idea what this place was called so I asked another girl that came along. She said it was Stonewall a gay club. I just stared at her for awhile, I couldn’t figure out what we were doing there. It turns out the one girl was a lesbian and she went to this club all the time. By then I was freaking out, I wasn’t sure if I had enough courage to walk through the doors....