Memories in the Glass Menargerie

By close reference, explore the importance of two of the memories revealed by characters in the play.
Because of the bad memories she had, she tends to retreat into her own world. Her glass menagerie is the only place where she can seek refuge.
Her memories of high school days helped us understand why she is a recluse and show examples of how she is sensitive to the feelings around her. “She notices things and I think she- broods about them” “She has an idea that you’re not happy here.”   Even though not explicitly said, it was shown that she is able to read others’ feelings, just like how she reads the feelings of her classmate.
  * This in turn has made Laura a very peace-loving person as she constantly feels the tension at home and wishes for her life to be that of her glass ornaments in her GM, a peaceful wonderland.
  * Memories of her high school days shapes her behavior and explains the way why she behaved as such when Jim arrived.
  * She remembers Jim as a crush, and therefore she feels she cannot see him as she feels inferior, not in a position to see him, does not want him to see her like that/ in that state.
  * Importance of memories helps understand why Laura is reluctant to see Jim.
Memories   Theme of illusion
  * Caused her to retreat into her world of the GM more often.
  * She creates a world around herself to escape from her harsh reality. She seeks comfort in the peaceful, harmonious and equal world of the GM.
  * A form of comfort, safe harbor, a haven, an escape, her hiding place.\

Amanda’s memories of her glorious past
  * She remembers her comfortable, pampered life where she had a lot of things done for her. Where she is rich, had a luxurious life and was well sought after by many eligible bachelors.
  * Memories are important to her as it had a great impact on Amanda on the ways she carry out her daily life and most definitely the way she behaves in front of Jim with her “Southern vivacity”.
  * Memories gives her...