Glass Menagerie Literary Notebook

Literary Notebook
The Glass   Menagerie

Tennessee Williams:   Tennessee Williams was originally born as Thomas Lanier Williams. He was a very famous playwright.   He wrote many other plays such as A Streetcar Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. He was born in Columbus, Mississippi. His father was a hard drinking traveling salesman. His mother was slightly hysterical. Tennessee found inspiration for his writing from his family’s problems.
Point of View:
The narrator of the play was also the main character. Tom tells the story many years after the play occurs. Tennessee Williams wants to make people feel like they are going back in time. He would like the audience to take a little trip down “memory lane”. Since the story is only narrated by one person who is also the main character so it is just portrayed from his point of view and his “opinion” of the story.
Form, Structure, and Plot
The organizational structure of this play is consisted of a prologue, and then followed by a listing of the cast, characters, scenes, etc. There are scenes to the play and then lastly the “Catastrophe of Success”. The “Catastrophe of Success” was an opinionated essay written by Tennessee Williams. Williams uses many different techniques within the play to bring people back in time. Tom comments on everything that happens in the play. He is the son of Amanda Wingfield and the brother to Laura. He just came back from fighting in World War I and now he’s back at his apartment in St. Louis. The first incident was when Amanda came home and found out that Laura dropped out of business school and hasn’t been going ever since it started. She got sick to the stomach when they tried to give her a typing test. After that she was too embarrassed to go back. Tennessee forms a simple plot there but puts in a very complex idea behind that. Amanda released her true feelings to Laura about worries for her future and trying to find her a man. After that she goes to talk to Tom...