So hilarious really, was how it ever felt, years ago, whenever I heard or saw older teenage girls, say to their opposite sex, in all seriousness, “WHAT A MAN CAN DO A WOMAN CAN DO BETTER.” To me it made no sense, not even a pinch of it, considering the fact that everything around me fought against the otherwise. Men naturally by the almighty himself; at my early age were more like smaller ‘’gods’’   on earth; at list so I thought 15yrs back, otherwise, (I was thinking) why else were they so strong, mentally and physically even at puberty, and then turning naturally into the initial strength itself at adolescent, why else, I was so convinced within the girl in me, must it always be a male child that would come first year in-year-out in school, putting easily to dust the smartness of the most brilliant girls in the same class, worse of all to my amusement, In a funny way though, I was fascinated to know they end up heading and running the family when they become MEN…, funny right! My way of thinking, you would say, plus, poor me I guess you imagine, how on earth could anyone born of a woman see him or herself as inferior on this bias bases
            Ok guys! Seriously, am a grown up now, and with that, I mean you’d agree with me at this point that, men this days without being told, on their own dimes it fit, strangely enough, to allow or give to their girlfriends, wives, woman, baby or whatever it is he refers to you as, the rights we deserve, to fantasies, put to action that conceived thought and sometimes, even; with their help, we achieve for ourselves, what we consider to be our most passionate ambitions in life.
Getting to this point I understand, took almost like forever to happen, but…! You know, like the old saying goes “joy comes after long suffering”, and it has indeed, thanks to the likes of Dora Akunyili, Funmi Iyunda, and many other, whom; not just in words but clearly practicalised via their patriotic personalities and determined act of truly...