“Whoever controls the media, controls the mind.” (Jim Morrison). Mainly media is an image that pursues to equal to perfection but what is seen is not always what is received. Logos are shown in most advertisements making them put their brand to be the best so that more people would wear there logo. Female beauty is put out to be perfect that everyday life women can succeed mainly because the models don’t even look as perfect in real life. Women are categorized in advertisements with images of beauty, women expectations are being put high, and by showing the reality can fix this problem.
Initially, images of beauty are shown in magazine ads making the consumer buy the product believing it will work as seen. Women want to be perfect with a fit body and pretty face but that one product that they buy won’t make them look how they think. “It’s an illusion created by makeup artists, photographers, and photo retouchers. Each image is carefully worked over. Blemishes, wrinkles, and stray hairs are airbrushed away.” These “perfect” woman aren’t what the product is producing its all these designers fixing it up to make it look like it is possible for a product to make women look that good. Images of beauty is a problem in the media world tricking many consumers to buy their product.
In addition, women expectations are being put high with flawless complexion which is the one thing that most women expect when they buy such things as makeup products or weight loss programs, on television making women think if they use that product it will make them look like that. “So many of the pictures we see are artificial, manufactured images. What happens when a girl or women compares her real self with this narrow, unreal image of “perfection?” She may feel unattractive.” Some of these commercials are exaggerating the product making it look like the product is magic when it reality is just adjusted to look as if it was. All in all, women are expecting to be model like after using...