Media and Me

At present the Internet is ingrained in our everyday life and the majority of people can hardly imagine themselves without the Internet. I have a notebook and turn it on every day after college, when I do my homework. The   Internet helps me much in search of a variety of reports, papers, and any information. With the appearance of the Internet in my life, I almost stopped using encyclopedias and dictionaries because I can find almost everything on the Internet. I think it is very convenient and it saves valuable time. Besides the notebook I also have a smartphone. My mom presented me a phone on my birthday a year ago. And after that day I don’t leave my phone for a minute. And I feel quite helpless if I have left my mobile phone at home. First of all cell phones give us an opportunity to keep in touch with people in any place and in any time. Besides, my mobile phone is multi-function: it provides access to the Internet, have various games, cameras, memory sticks, etc. Also my phone helps me in studies; there is a very convenient English-Russian dictionary. Every morning I wake up and take my phone to watch different news, weather forecast and my friend’s messages. Also when I am going to college I listen to music on my phone. I think that I have some dependence from my phone.
Every day I use the certain social networks such us: Vkontakte, You Tube, Ebay and some others. And it is my favorite networks which I use for a long time. Also I use Skype program for speaking with my friends who live in other cities. I have a boyfriend and he live in the capital of Russia, Moscow and the Skype is only way to communicate with him quite all year before his arrival.
In Vkontakte I usually chat with my friends, watch different videos and photos, visit my favorite groups and listen to music, but I think that I must stop it, or use within reasonable limits. Because in Vkontakte I would get on and stay on for hours at a time going from person to person. There was so many times...