My family
If I could replace my family with another one, I would say no right away. The sacrifices my parents made to give me a good life, one where I would never had to need anything, has taught me that work is my key to success. I can now say that I truly understand the idiom “Blood is thicker than water”. My mom , dad, sisters, help me a lot about my problems. They have always supported me and thought me to keep reaching for what I want to become in the future.
My parents are immigrants; they have sacrificed their entire life for my sisters and I to have a good life. They went through hard times leaving theirs countries of birth to go to another, one not knowing speak the language.
My mom helps me with my dream because she buys me soccer shoes and uniforms for the team. She also guesses to my soccer practices. My mom always supports me and tells me to go ahead with my goals or dreams. My parents give me lots of tips to pursue my studies. They say “continue studying, get a good job”. Why without the study you are nobody in the world. My parents help when I have problems or they give me advice to go ahead with my goals and my future career.
      My parents sacrifices have give me a good life or future because I want to graduate and be somebody in this world. They are important in my life because they help me with my problems. For example, they help me as I continue to study and do my sport that I love. I know sometimes I fight with them but they know they are my everything to me. My parents do whatever they want those to die for many are the most special people in my life.