Meal Worm Lab Report

Maddy Finch
Period 6

Mealworm Lab Report

In this experiment, each group was testing different variables to see which one would make the mealworm grow bigger and faster. My group thought that if we feed the mealworm protein, then it will grow faster and bigger. We chose to use protein as our independent variable because protein is one of the number one suggestions given in order to gain strength. We figured that if it is so recommended for humans to have in order to grow that it might have the same effect on a mealworm. My group believed that for our mealworms to get the right nutrients to increase its growth in size and strength, protein was our best bet.

When this experiment began, we started out with a normal, living mealworm and we put it in a film canister with cornmeal and our protein. Overnight they were kept in a dark drawer. Every other day at the beginning of class we would get them out and measure there length with a ruler in centimeters, and there weight with a scale in grams.



The data collected above are the measurements of the length and weight of the mealworm in a twenty two day period, but only measurements for eleven days, which was every other day. The result of my group’s worms using protein varies tremendously, as you see within the graph. However, during this experiment around the third or fourth day, both me and Michael’s mealworms started to mutate into beetles, and a few days later Ruby’s followed. Out of the whole class only us three’s mealworm went through that growth spurt and I believe it is because of the protein. I think that there is enough evidence within our experiment to say the protein was probably the best source of energy for our mealworms. When you compare our data to the control data, especially looking at the graph you can see that the control was more consistent, where ours were constantly inclining...