Tour That Was

The tour that was

As early as the first month of the year 2011, I heard that the HRM and Tourism Department was going to have a tour by March. Hearing the news, I was quite excited but upon hearing the tour’s destination I was personally disappointed. Why? The good news is where going to have a tour this semester, the bad news is where going as far as the SLEX was concerned and 2 provinces of Calabarzon. Where have our tour in Laguna and Quezon. I was disappointed first; because we are not going outside of Luzon second; you can reach Laguna just by exiting the last gate of SLEX and third; I’m familiar to that place not because Laguna was my native province but because I consider Laguna next to my home.

To me having a tour means going to some place you are a stranger to and going to a place where you can discover new and different things and going out of your comfort zone. And what sucks is I don’t consider Laguna and Quezon out of my comfort zone. I consider Laguna as my second home and I’m familiar with its famous sites and scenes.
Don’t get me wrong, its not that I hate Laguna or Quezon, what I’m whining about is I don’t think I will discover new things in Laguna.

Now the tour was over, our 2 days and 1 night tour is over and to tell you the truth I enjoyed our tour though I been to some of the places before. I thought I will not discover new things in Laguna but dead I was wrong.

The tour call time was 5:00am but as an event management student I need to be there earlier than the other students so we can assist in the departure and checking the attendance to the students. The sun was up when we already left the campus, because we still need to wait for some stubborn students who arrived late.

I was seated in front of the bus, just on the opposite back of the driver beside my last semester clartop professor. And I got the best seat in the bus, because I’m the first one who can exit the bus and I can see what the driver is seeing plus I can...