Mayan Indians

Period: A
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They are usually grey or olive brown. It has a narrow snout, and needle sharp teeth. {draw:frame}
Now my warriors and I are preparing for battle, but before we go I must perform a ritual to signify battle. I take a stingray spike and pierce myself. The pain shoots out throughout my body, but I do not show it. My hand slowly drops to where the blood is flowing and I lift it up to show the blood to everyone. I finally raise it up high and all my men start yelling in excitement. We move out into the forest area to the camp of EL Mirador. I see a Mahogany Caoba and climb it to find out how far we were from the camp. Over all the trees I could see a small spiral of smoke rising from the treetops. I tell all my men and we move out passing animals of every kind. I hear voices not too far off planning for an attack. I signal my men to wait and then we rushed into the camp. Everyone with clubs and knives rushed first for hands on attack while spear throwers and archers stay back as a last line of defense. I ran throughout the camp searching for the leader. I needed a prisoner and the higher his position was the better. I noticed him yelling commands and I threw a spear at him. It caught him in the leg and he fell over. Then I ran over and picked him up while my men finished taking as many of the enemy as they could prisoner. After getting back to Tikal we sacrificed all of the men, but the bloody war continued.
Bolontiku won the terrible battle, and lived in peace for five years. Then the El Miradors attacked again. Bolontiku’s army struggled, and lost many men, but finally defeated his foes. Fifteen years later he died, and his body was placed one of the three acropolises.