Materials and Resources


                                              Veronica Georgina De Bartolo
                                              Jaqueline Santafé   Aristizábal

                                                  Materials & Resources
                          November 27th,2015


McDonough and Shaw state (1993 : 9-10)   the process of course design is initiated by an examination of content, which leads to the identification of course objectives and goes away to the adaptation of an appropriate syllabus and the resulting materials and activities. FUNIBER   (Materials and Resources in EFL – chapter 1 – page 6). In this   work   we offer   teachers a practical idea and how to apply   and go through a unit related to food. It provides them with a useful idea of how to incorporate CLIL into the English class. This booklet unit was designed with a task - based approach where meaning is the focus of the task and language is a consequence. Consequently, it involves an activity with a specific outcome which requires language comprehension and use.
Prabhu proposes a procedural syllabi in which there are types of tasks to be carried out in the classroom and he also considers that ´both   linguistic and communicative competence is acquired through the engagement with meaning, not through focusing learners on structure´ FUNIBER (Materials and Resources in EFL-chapter 1-page 8).
Therefore, materials   exploit   the learner’s natural desire to meet a challenge (i.e. to solve a problem to prove that he/she can do so),   the preoccupation with meaning   or thinking   which such problem- solving activities necessarily brings about, and the incidental struggle with language-use which such activities engenders.(Prabhu, 1982:3).

This booklet...