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SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local |


To:   Mr. Kanye Kardashian-Fuentes (President, SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local)
From:   Ms. RuPaul Fabowlus (Director of Human Resources, SAG-AFTRA Nevada Local)
CC:   None (Confidential)
Date:   September 10, 2013
Re:   Al Jazeera America (AJAM) termination of union member employment contract (allegedly due to defamation by prior employer, FOX News).

This is in response to your request for our union HR office to evaluate the legal representation notification letter sent to you by the attorney for our union member, “Lil’ Lady RaRa” (legal name, Eugenia Glover). The letter indicated that she intends to file lawsuits against FOX News and AJAM. You wanted to know if the union should publicly support the union member in publicizing their legal case(s).

  1.0   Background

“Lil’ Lady RaRa” (hereinafter referred to by her legal name, Ms. Eugenia Glover) has been an inconsistent dues paying member of our union since 2003 (This is a slight against Ms. Glover) . She is a DJ, voiceover artist, mime, program host and former news editor (self described on her website as “the Hottest Host in the Galaxy”). Ms. Glover worked at FOX News from 1999 – 2005. She was working as a news editor on the FOX News show, “The O'Reilly Factor hosted by Bill O’Reilly” in May of 2005. On the show on the evening of May 10, 2005, there was a segment of an interview with guest, Courtney Anderson ( The interview included a discussion of laws regarding child abuse laws in Texas and the newspaper, the Houston Chronicle. The host, Bill O’Reilly, made comments on the air that resulted in the Houston Chronicle newspaper writing and publishing an Editorial Journal on May 12, 2005 entitled, “Editorial Journal: The No Facts Zone.”   It stated in part,
“O'Reilly claims his show is free of spin. Spin is when someone casts the facts in such a light as to reinforce his argument and weaken his opponent's. What...