Marriage Is so Last Century

“Marriage is so last century”

The major issues to do with relationships and marriage in our society:
The most commonly reported relationship problem by far is communication. This may be one of the broadest and most difficult terms to define with regard to relationships. It tends to have many different meanings to each of us. For the purposes of this explanation I define it as "Mis-Understanding".
Literally, this means not understanding the other person's point of view. This is often more a matter of refusing to allow the existence of the other's view as opposed to not understanding it! It is an unwillingness to take the time to genuinely listen and care to understand.
In many relationships the interest seems to lie primarily in getting one's own point of view heard and understood rather than having an interest in hearing and understanding the others’. There is an irony here worth looking at . . . If people cared to listen to the other person with as much interest as he or she wished the other would listen to them, both would end up receiving exactly what they are looking for
Other issues include: your partner lying, conflict, having children and the stress involved, money problems and maybe personal stress.

The Catholic Church’s teaching about relationships, marriage and the values emphasised by the church today:
Christian marriage is also thought of as a ‘covenant’ - a term used in the hebrew scriptures to describe a relationship of complete faithfulness between god and people. Many people think of marriage as only a legal contract that enables them to sort out the rights and responsibilities of each partner. A faithful Christian marriage reflects the loving and tender relationship of God towards the people of Israel which the Jewish people believed was at the heart of their covenant.
For many people, the love between a man and a women as expressed in the marriage relationship is the deepest experience of love possible.
Marriage is a sacrament when a...