Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy or Plan
The cereal bar market in Australia is rapidly expanding. Bored with conventional approaches to cereal or ready to eat bar, aims to add extra value to an already popular product. The cereal bar market is now looking for extra ingredients in the bars to persuade customers on to that particular brand. The reason being is so that the target market has to find it easy to access the product; this can be established by increasing the supply chain so the product can gain shelf space in supermarkets and general stores. The market is helping people aged 18-25 stay healthy and also help them make up for the breakfast they did not have time to eat (Globe Newswire, 2008).
Health has been a major driver in the cereal bar market and is becoming increasingly important. A healthy, organic, fair trade and nutritious product is in demand and is the trend in the market. These are also our competencies as a niche cereal bar company and on top of this there lies in the added glucose energy boost.
The Organic Food market continues to be one of the fastest growing segments of the Australian food market, the values of the market has almost doubled by 2005 and is estimated to grow by another 49% by the year 2012. It is appeared that this is the right decision in entering the product into the market now as it is still growing and has a good rate of growth. The company expect to take advantage of this growth and implement the brand name and image into the market by gaining market share.
An analysis was carried out on the external environments of the cereal company with a view to employing the strategies necessary to achieve its objectives. Environmental analysis is the process of assessing and interpreting the information gathered through environmental scanning (Pride, Elliot, Rundle-Thiele, Waller, Palandino & Ferrell, p. 57). The aim of this particular analysis is to identify the impact that environmental factors would have on breakfast cereal...