Ipl Marketing Strategies


What one would remember of recently held melodramatic event in cricket, Indian Premier League (IPL)?
Cheerleaders, Bollywood stars, Business Tycoons or a great deal of money, whatever may be the answer the recent initiative of BCCI has brought up a revolution in the cricket world.

The DLF Indian premier league is a concept sell.
It is clearly observed that IPL is a perfect example of controversy marketing.

Marketing controversy either way, the end result is unparalleled coverage; residual awareness of your product, which later most definitely translates into brand recall, and even sales.
Certain Marketing lessons: One can legitimately claim that an IPL is the best example to learn the marketing as it has not left a single mod of promoting and positioning the service product for cricket fans. Cricket is a religion in India and IPL is a Prasad to Indian cricket worshipers
Some of the marketing strategies that catch the first sight are as mentioned below:
1) Auctioning the franchisees
2) Auctioning the players participating in the IPL tournament
3) Advertisements on various TV and radio channels
4) Cheerleaders were one of the most important thing that is talked about, foreign girls attracted huge crowd.
5) Worldwide telecast
6) Locations: the venue chosen for the cricket matches was a strategic choice of places which are named after franchisees, which helped attract people.
7) Conflicts with some media partners and some other cricket boards again demanded the attention of people.
8) Timing: IPL has shown its strategic application of intellect by choosing the evening time for the matches, which made people watch game comfortably.
9) ICL: the rival ICL had been one of the reasons for the publicity and emergence of IPL. People started comparing the IPL & ICL that caused the huge publicity for the IPL
10) Opening ceremony gala.
11)   Live concerts:
12) Franchises taken by...