Marketing Project

We are the staff of Locafashion. Our company is a trendy fashion retail store which sells both female and male clothing and accessories. Our business is being environmentally and socially responsible.

In this report, we will analysis the SWOT to identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of Locafashion to improve and enhance competitiveness.

Then, we will create a market straights base on the SWOT. We will use the outcome from SWOT analysis to determine and implement the market strategies. Also we will provide a brief justification for each strategy for each of our strategy recommendations.

Finally, we will Identify and describe the tactics and apply to assist the company achieve our marketing objectives, it relate to product pricing, promotional and place.

Overview of Our Business
In this part, we would like provide an overview of our business. Our company name is Locafashions, which is a trendy fashion retail store. Our store sells both female, male clothing and accessories. Also, our businesses are committed being environmentally and socially responsible, because our business not only grow its business in order to earn more profits. But also to have a considerable impact on the buying habits of the local community. We want to promote the importance of buying local and green in order to raise awareness of the damaging effects of globalization and empower.
Business Include:
  * Mass-produced clothing
  * Clothing produced by individual designers or producers
  * Accessories and gift ware

Our store is located in Redwood City, so our target market and consumer will focus on Redwood City and college student. These consumers are interested in environmentalism and being environmentally friendly, so they prefer buying locally produced good in order to avoid environment cost.
Our target market has the following characteristics:
  * 18 to 30 years old
  * Undergraduate or graduate student at the local college...