Marketing on Volvo Fro Brazil

To: The marketing director (Mo Willan)
From: The marketing executive (Pedro Junqueira)
Subject: Marketing activities for Volvo in Brazil
Date: 21st of October of 2011

1 Executive summary
We will be discussing marketing strategies for Volvo cars on Brazil.
Volvo has grown on Brazil on last few years, according to Vício Motor (2010), in 2006, 400 cars were sold, up to 882 in 2007, 1,098 in 2008 and 2,150 in 2009. This is a 96% grown in 2009 and that is mostly because of the XC60 that were introduced on January of 2009 on Brazilian market.
In Brazil, Volvo doesn’t sell all models that it produces. According to Volvo Cars website, the available models now are C30, XC60, XC90 and S60, but other models can be imported from other countries.
First we will discuss about environmental analysis, doing the swot analysis, porter’s five forces and finally pestle analysis. This study will give us an idea of the economy and society and comprehensive analysis of markets, competitors and the company itself.
Then we will do the segmentation, targeting and positioning to find what is our target market and how we will position to the market.
Finally we will do the application of promotion mix that is how the company will exchange information with the consumer. On this we will chose the type of advertisement that best reach our target market.

2 Environmental analysis
2.1 Swot analysis
Volvo is known on Brazil for its safety, strong brand name, high quality cars, high technology and good customer service. But also for high prices, parts high prices and difficulties for an owner to sell a used car.
Brazil is one of the biggest consumers of cars in the world, according to Globo (2011), after hitting record production and sales of cars in 2010, Brazil started 2011 ranked forth in worldwide sales of cars, behind only of China, United States and Japan.
Brazil is one of the emerging markets and the average income of the population is increasing, leading to a bigger demand...