Brazil Soup Spoon

Bachelor of Business (Marketing)

Global Marketing (MKTG 1064)

Assignment Part A: Macro-Environmental Research (PESTL Analysis)

Group Members:

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1 | DEREK TAN | S3475069 |
2 | PRISCILLA CHUA YI HUI | S3347737 |
3 | ANG KA HUN DAVE | S3475036 |
4 | JUKYDIA LIN JIEJUN | S3475116 |
5 | LIM KAH SING | S3475133 |
6 | FARM WEN YE | S3420992 |

Executive Summary
The Soup Spoon is a leading soup chain from Singapore since June 2002, a fast food operator that focuses on delivering nutritional soup as an alternative from the more conventional main course offered by other fast food entrants in the market, offering a healthier meal choice for locals. Their first retail outlet was opened in Singapore, at Raffles City, and since then they have expanded and there are currently 20 outlets in Singapore at the moment. In July 2010, they ventured overseas and branched two new outlets in Jakarta, bringing the soup culture to Indonesia populations. The Soup Spoon has plans to further expand their business, locally and globally as there is saturation in the local market. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for The Soup Spoon to venture into Brazil introducing soup as a staple meal, which has various benefits, especially emphasizing and marketing their products to be healthy.
In part 1 of our research, a PESTL analysis was done on the target country for the expansion, Brazil. Part 2 of our report will analyze the feasibility for The Soup Spoon to enter Brazil’s market.
A segmentation approach will be adopted to segment its market. Their income class, geographical, will segment population and behavioral bases can distinctly highlight the different needs and lifestyle of potential consumers. Narrowing down, we will justify which target market The Soup Spoon Brazil will be focusing on and the marketing strategy, tactics to be used.
Appendix A shows the competition The Soup Spoon will face by showing the existing entrants...