Marketing Mix: We'Ll Call You - Topshop

Marketing Mix: We'll call you - Topshop

When are we going to be able to get our hands on Kate Moss' range? And can we get some help with our wardrobe?

Topshop Top Shop concierge, how can I help?

Mktg I've heard Kate Moss is designing a range for Topshop and I was wondering when it will be available?

Topshop We're not sure yet, as it's only recently been announced. She is in the process of designing the clothes at the moment so I'd guess it will be about six months.

Mktg Will the range be available in all stores?

Topshop Yes, I think it's going to be available on the internet too.

Mktg Also, I want to buy a new autumn/winter wardrobe. Is there someone in-store who can help me?

Topshop Yes, we offer a style adviser service.

Mktg How does it work?

Topshop It's a personal shopping service in-store. The advisers know what will suit you, they know all the prices, have seen the clothes tried on and know what goes with what, so they can give you genuine advice. It lasts two hours and there's no obligation to buy. You jump the queues to pay, use the VIP changing rooms and get drinks if you need them. It's just a nicer way to shop.

Mktg How much is it?

Topshop It's a free service.

Mktg Which stores offer it?

Topshop It's available in most of the bigger stores. Which stores where you interested in?

Mktg I work in Hammersmith, so any of the London stores.

Topshop We've got a really good service in the London Victoria store.

Mktg Will I need to book?

Topshop You may be able to walk in to some of the regional stores but it's best to give them a call beforehand. You've actually come through to the Oxford Circus store - we offer the service here, but there is a six-week waiting list. The Victoria style advisers are really good, I'm just waiting for the website to load so I can get the number.

Mktg Thanks (Mktg holds).

Topshop The number for the Victoria store is 07841 783 515.

Mktg Thank you for...