Marketing Mix

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        A marketing mix is what makes up the plan to bring a product or service to the market. There are four terms which are involved in this marketing mix idea and each term has an important role in the introduction of a product or service to consumers through the market place. The four terms are called the four P’s of marketing. These terms are product, price, place, and promotion. Each of these terms represents a step in the journey to creating an effective marketing plan.

        The first P of marketing is product. This term represents the initial concept or idea for a new product or service. When deciding whether to bring a product or service to market, several factors must be considered. It is important to consider what the product or service has to offer to consumers, and if it is beneficial enough to initiate a profit. In order for a product or service to be considered marketable, it must offer something to the consumer which has an appeal which will make the consumer feel a desire and need for the product or service.

          When discussing product or services, decisions about how a marketing strategy will be formed working with them are also important. Some of the things that must be considered are the style, function, packaging, branding, safety, quality, and accessories. The style of a product is important because it must be appealing to the consumer, and good styling can help a product sell for a higher price. The functionality of a product must also be considered because a quality product must be something that is convenient and productive. The packaging of a product should also be appealing to the consumer, just as with the style. Environmentally friendly packaging is more appealing to today’s consumers, so this is an important consideration. The branding of a
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product is a very important detail in an effective marketing plan. This includes the name and logo of the product, and the name should...