Marketing Design and Innovation of the Camera

Table of Contents
Introduction 1
Influence 2
The Camera 3
Invention & the Early Years 3
The 20th Century & Lead up to the Digital Era 5
The Digital Era 6
Product Life Cycle 9
Innovation 11
Patents 13
Marketing 14
Market Analysis 14
Difference in the Marketing Mix 4P’s and 7P’s 15
Product 16
Price 18
Why Nikon P500? 18
Promotion, Place and Diffusion 20
Influence on Society 20
UPS and Nikon 21
Conclusion & Future Outlook 22
References 23
Appendix 25

The purpose of this paper is to show the writer’s choice in choosing, the product, the camera and the effects of Marketing, Design and Innovation of the Camera.

From the onset of this course, the writer was told to choose a product that has influenced the writer’s life; the only item would and has been the Camera. As a child the writer has always been intrigued by the ideas of a story, a story that little words but great impact. These short stories can only be told through pictures, through the technology of the camera. As the wise ones say, “A picture paint a thousand words." The camera allows for the indulgence of the writer’s greatest pastime and hobby. The camera allows for a unique view of the world, a view of one’s perspective of the one’s world. Behind the lens give reveals the beauty of the life, the beauty of a first kiss, the beauty of the first valentine, the beauty of true love, the beauty of a first born and his first step. Behind the Camera’s lens has allowed the writer to mature into a professional and even more importantly allowed the writer to become a man.

The Camera
Invention & the Early Years
4th & 5th Century | Chinese and Greek philosophers describe the basic principles of optics and the camera. The word "Camera" comes from the Arabic word "Kamra" which means "Dark room", the Camera was invented by a Muslim Astronomer/Physicist/Mathematician Alhazen. (Al-Khalili, 2004). |
16th & 17th Century |...