"Reclassification of Marijuana"
By ; (Christine Gregoire, Washington State)


In this article “Reclassification of Marijuana”,  speaking of the reason marijuana has not been legalized or reclassified.  The government is contradicting in the law by having a lower classification for marijuana than alcohol which is Class B.  While marijuana is a Class C drug, but illegal rather than alcohol which is a class B and easier to get. The effects of the alcohol is drastic and has claimed many lives, where as marijuana hasn’t.  This is why the laws should be reconsidered.
  This essay opening with the reclassification of marijuana, makes the claim in the first paragraph that marijuana classification interprets a form of legalization. "People weak and sick with cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases and conditions suddenly feel like- or in fact became- law breakers,"Gov.Christine Gregoire said in a statement, coming from another point of view. The rest of the essay is organized by the various classifications of other drugs and alcohol as well as the affects of those other drugs and alcohol compared to marijuana. In my opinion the support given that indicates the information used for classifying marijuana is inadequate. It's easy for the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration)   to say deficient   things about why marijuana shouldn't be legalized but they never give any fact or proof about the "harmful effects" they state!

Before reading Gov. Gregoire's essay about drug reclassification my understanding of this topic was somewhat different. I have dissimilar views as well as common ground views with the author because although she states that people may become law breakers while using the drug, she also lives in the state of Washington were marijuana is legal for medical purpose; were she could experience it first hand. My reaction to the information given to me is indescribable seeing how there are so many different...