1. Introduction:

PET Bottles are used to packing of Edible oils, jams and sauces, Butter, syrups, drinking water etc. having the capacity from 500ml to 2 liters. PET resins are extruded and converted to pre-forms and later molding is done to make the PET Bottles by using the pre-forms.

Major application areas of PET bottles are carbonated soft drinks, Mineral water packing, Syrups, Edible oil packing, Butter and Mayonnaise, Wine, Liquor and spirit packing, Sauce, jam and squashes packaging, Agro chemical packaging and house hold containers

  2. Market:

Pet bottles are replacing glass bottles because of the high rate of breakage and the inconvenience of returning the empty bottle after consumption.The consumption pattern is tending to converge with the international patterns and this is how new categories such as sports drinks, juices and non-returnable (PET bottles and cans) are catching up in the local market.

  3. Raw Material:

The raw material used in manufacturing of PET Bottles/ Preforms is Polyethylene Teraphthalate. Polyethylene tetra phthalate is a polymer that is formed by combining two monomers called modified ethylene glycol and purified teraphthalic acid.

  4. Manufacturing Process& Technology

Production of PET Preforms and PET Bottles involves the conversion of PET Granules to Preforms and later converting to PET Bottles through moulding process. The step wise production process is explained in the following process flow diagram:

Blowing Process

  5. Technology:

The technology/Machinery required for manufacturing of the Pet Bottles are three Nos. of Injection Molding Machines, one Color mixer, one Chilling Water plant, a Scrap Grinder and a Centralized Pulley laminating and printing machine.

  6. Investment:

The investment for setting up a Pet Bottles manufacturing Plant works out to NGN 4million and the breakup of the cost is...