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Running Head: Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan
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Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Compliance Plan


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Riordan Manufacturing will implement the use an ADR for conflicts and breach of contracts among clients, employees and supervisors. An alternative dispute resolution offers parties alternative means of resolving differences outside actual courtroom litigation and the costly aspects of preparation for it (Jennings, 2006). If the direct supervisor can not provide an adequate solution, then the employee or client can escalate the complaint to the human resources department. When the human resources department fails to reach a solution, the employee or client has the option to have mediation. The mediator works to have both parties reach an agreement.
Enterprise and Product Liability
      The product is the most important aspect of Riordan Manufacturing. As a manufacturer of goods Riordan has a responsibility to compensate for injury caused by defective merchandise that it has provided for sale. To avoid acts of negligence the company must take greater precautions to ensure safety in production, design, and assembly. Riordan must honor warranties issued to consumers and avoid misrepresentations in promotions and advertising of the products. By ensuring the quality and safety of products, Riordan can avoid lawsuits involving strict tort liabilities. Resources will be reserved to deal with inevitable torts, allegations, claims and regulatory risks.   Riordan will ensure that their products are adequately insured by an A rated insurance carrier in an effort to protect the company.
International Law
Riordan has several divisions for production Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan, and Hangzhou, China. The company’s recent acquisition of the China plant heightens the Riordan’s awareness of international business law. The legal department will educate the company on...