Managing Communication

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

Unit No: 16
Unit Title: Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information
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Table of contents:
1.Introduction pag 3
2.Internal and External sources pag 4
3.Improvements and recommendations pag 5
4.Stakeholder pag 6
5.Contact with stakeholders pag 6
6.Improvements pag 8
7.Conclusion pag 8
8.References pag 9

1. Introduction
Creating a business is a process, a long lasting and complex one. Even thou there are some   basic steps, there is no magic 10 steps way in getting up and running a successful business   and what is more , no two are the same. In this report it is presented an idea of a new business, of selling printers in the UK.
There are a lot of decision to be made, but an essential one is to open a brick and mortar , online or just go for brick and click which is the combination between the two. A brick and mortar one has the advantage that it offers more credibility, but the initial investment is high while on the other hand an online one it is easy to reach a large number of customers but the credibility is low.
Another decision is related to the right time of starting, when employability is low , in order to obtain employees you could pay less , but then buying power of the people is low or when is high and even thou you have to pay a...