Managing Change Description


Managing changing is a very important issue in the success of every business. Ref ??Change management is a set of ideas, strategies, and skills that can be applied to engage change effectively. These may be applied in planning for change, the implementing change and the supporting continuous improvement following change.

In this report, we will briefly describe the problems that explain why change is needed. We will demonstrate the change plan by mainly using Kotter’s change process and Lewin’s change model. Those models can elucidate the driving and restraining forces that influence the change. We will also suggest some ideas that can minimise expected resistance. Lastly, evaluation is essential to examine and improve the performance of the whole changing process.


Citybase Property Management Ltd ("Citybase"), which is wholly owned subsidiary of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited, was established in 1985. Citybase is today one of the biggest and most reputable property management companies in Hong Kong. (Citybase Property Management Ltd web site)

We pick Banyan Garden as a starting point to run this change plan. Banyan Garden is located at Lai Chi Kwok at Kowloon Side (Hong Kong) which is a new residential estate built only for 5 years. We aim who??to provide an excellent service, comfortable and graceful environment for all Banyan Garden residents. For the past 5 years, we’ve been providing excellent service for all residents. Keep to writing this report (not company PR)

For the upcoming year, we would like to run a series of events related to environmental protection and cost reduction. The environmental issue is pointed out by many public societies and it becomes a trend everywhere. Pollution problem is around us so that we have to take more actions to stop this problem getting worse. Many green groups believe that we can reduce pollution by adopting the method of...