Managing Change


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In all organization changes are always a key point for improvement especially for Multi National Cooperation for example the CEO of a MNC company, most of the MNC CEO often hold on to their position for at most of a 5 years period after which they will be mostly been posted to another country to resume to same position as most MNC felt that changing a new CEO will indirectly reduce any risk taken by the ex-CEO without the knowledge from headquarters and also able to bring in new ideals and drive to the organization.
But as John Hayes (2010) mention is an organization recognizing the need for a change is required? Recognizing the need for a change in an organization is essential as this able to gives them important time to investigate any emerging problem or opportunity within the organization and able to decide how to respond to the issue. While most small and medium company in Singapore often   lack this ability and the worse is that some MNC may fail to recognize the need for change until they have little choice or when the problem have arose but to only react quickly to an unanticipated set of circumstances they have face.
In my own opinion I found that companies should also adapt certain unanticipated issues precaution measure for example the below organization I have chosen to be my case study.


Australia group of companies The Qantas Group’s has its main business set in the transportation of passengers through around the world for business, leisure, delivery of commercial...