Malcolm X & Helen Keller: Models of Multiple Intelligences

Annetta Jolivette
Ms. Alex
English 91
19 October 2010

      Jolivette 1
Professor Howard Garner believed that there are more than one intelligence, in fact there were 8. The intelligence problem in America is that most people believe there is only one type of intelligence. I also believe people’s actions are evidence of this thought process. Professor Howard Garner discovered and explained that in fact we use several parts of our brains for different things.
Malcolm X and Helen Keller both struggled throughout their lives developing multiple intelligences such as linguistic (word smart), kinesthetic (body smart), spatial (visually smart) and interpersonal. Linguistic (word smart) means the capacity to use language, to express what’s on your mind and to understand other people (a meaningful unit of speech, the study of human speech. The science of language. The study of the structure of human speech.   Malcolm X said, " I had written so much at one time but I’d written words that I never knew were in the world. Moreover with a little effort I also could remember what many of these words meant. I reviewed the words whose meaning I didn't remember." Malcolm X, with only an eighth grade education, went on to self-educate through to the degree of a college education. All of Malcolm’s education started in prison where he read many books in the library and in his cell. He read whenever he had the opportunity.
Malcolm read a lot of history books, especially pertaining to black history. It took a lot of courage and faith to do what Malcolm was doing behind bars. These are examples of Malcolm X using his linguistic smarts he attained because he looked up words, gave himself the power to learn and use language.
      Jolivette 2
Helen Keller once said, “ Ms. Sullivan slowly spelled into my hand the word d-o-l-l when I finally succeeded in making the letters...