Malcolm X

                            This is a reader’s response to Malcolm X’s   A Home Made Education.
In this paper I will review and   discuss my opinion of this literature. First , I would like to start by saying this paper made me look at him as a regular person instead of the famous man he was. I say this because he had to be placed in an extreme situation for him to gain a thirst for knowledge. That is how a lot of people are. I happen to be one of them. Its is amazing how he studied the dictionary endlessly. Without reading this it is impossible to guess that he gained his level of knowledge behind bars. From hearing Malcolm speak you would assume he graduated from Harvard at the top of his class. A home made education shows Malcolm’s   drive and interest in civil rights. The things he was reading while imprisoned are still very relevant   today. It also showed his views and opinions about certain subjects such as civil rights , history, and slavery. His perspective and the dynamics of his beliefs are still used to this day by activists. I believe the purpose of   this was to show that you don’t need to go some big school to get a good education. All you need is the drive and will to want to educate yourself. Malcolm believed it was better that way because college has to many distractions such as women, frats. And etc.. So he feels that the confinements   of   Norfolk prison colony was the perfect environment   to accomplish his goal of   getting better at reading, writing, and bettering his vocabulary. In conclusion I think that A Home Made Education showed Malcolm’s drive, influences, and will to be knowledgeable. It conveyed some of his beliefs. It also told readers about Malcolm’s beginning which most people would not expect.

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