Make or Break? It's Up to You

Life is full of challenges and obstacles that can control a person’s identity. Cliché or not, in one way or another it’s true. Kayaking, like life, is something we can’t control but can prepare for.   Many believe that life is a journey with obstacles that a person must overcome to grow. These challenges are the building blocks that shape and mold what a person becomes. In ones life a person is often surrounded by people who have trials in and around their lives.
      In kayaking Alvin Powell, a former pro football player/extreme substance abuser who now assists children with similar weaknesses through a non-profit organization, so clearly proclaimed that if we fight against the rapids they can strengthen and increase our balance and perception. However if a person decides to stop fighting against the current or rapids, the buoy once used to help strengthen the person now has the potential to destroy them. In life it can be the same way. When a person comes upon a dilemma they must fight in order to help strengthen them unless they choose to give up, which in that case it has the capability to impair ones state of mind. Depending on how a person reacts to the “rapids” of life and how their attitude towards it is defines how they will be sculpted.
      Walt Whitman once wrote “the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse! What will your verse be? Life is about creating and molding your own path, it is about your story. Each trial and tribulation only draws us closer to the truth; our truth!” Recently I had to overcome a trial in my path about whether to move to a small town in with my mother, or to continue living in the city with my father. I decided to give the town a chance even though I wasn’t too sure of what may have laid ahead. During my residence in the town I had conquered many challenges that had molded me into a very different person. Different as in before I moved because I was surrounded by people who had different beliefs who caused me...