Make a Habit Break a Habit

Make a habit/break a habit
In a bullet point format, list 4 healthy habits you intend to make.
In a bullet point format, list 4 unhealthy habits you intend to break.
Monitor your activity for one week.   For each item listed discuss if you met your goals.   If any, what barriers were there to your success?   Write at least three sentences on each item you listed above.   Submit your assignment in RFT format.

4 Healthy Habits That I Intend To Make:
Make studying and getting homework done a first priority. Get it done that way I am not so stressed and only using my time to study for a week straight in order to get caught up.
Start eating healthier
Start exercising
Make it a healthy habit to always be positive, no matter the circumstances.

4 Unhealthy Habits That I intend To Break
I am going to break the habit of blaming myself for things.
I am going to break the habit of letting certain situations affect my life in the negative ways that they have been.
I am going to break the habit of smoking (bad I know but a stress reliever I just had to pick up on along the way)
I am going to break the habit of putting things off. I notice this is a big unhealthy habit I should fix; putting schoolwork off even for a few days when you have a lot of classes will only increase your stress levels.

I will do a paragraph for each bullet point in order, down the page. But first off this was one of the hardest sessions that I have been faced with. Not due to the difficulty of it, but the fact that it really hit home in a lot of ways. I realized after analyzing this that something like this is very helpful in life. This is due to the fact that one doesn’t really understand or grasp the bad habits they are doing or even the good habits that they should be making until you actually get to analyze and write it all out for yourself. My boyfriend and I were recently having problem during all of this, I had some flaws that he did not like. At first I saw this as a way...