London Cactus
Formally known as Concept Care College

Q. what do you do when you have a problem in supporting belief, value and preference of the individuals?
-find out about the individual’s needs, wishes and preferences
- support individuals in the way they choose
-recognise the individual’s beliefs and preferences
-seek extra support and advice
to help you meet the individual’s needs, wishes and preferences

Q. Why do you measure individual body waste?
- becouse of medical conditions of the individuals
- for a good monitoring of they dietary requiremens
- measure and record output and/or bodily waste where this is required by
the individuals’ care plans

Q. What action do you take in terms of recording and reporting when you discover changes in a client?
- access and complete the correct records according
a. confidentiality agreement
b. legal requirements
c. organisational policies, procedures and practices
-report accurate and sufficient information to the appropriate people like :
senior, nurse in charge , deputy manger

Q. How do you deal with clients who don’t want to use sensory equipment/ prostheses?
- first explaine the individuals and ensure that they understand why they have to use the prostheses and sensory equipment in particular ways and how they can usefully co-operate
-move and change individuals positions of sensory equipment/prostheses in ways which minimise pain, discomfort and friction and maximise the individual’s independence, self , respect and dignity
- prior useing sensory equipment/prosthese to individuals you check the care plan and the sensory equipment risk assessments
- support individuals to understand and overcome their concerns about the
use of sensory equipment and/or prostheses, orthoses and creams, seeking
additional support, where necessary

Q. What actions will you take when you notice changes in the client condition?
- press the emergency button
- where necessary,...

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