Stl Lvl2

Unit 7                     Personal                                                                   1.1                
What is your role and responsibility with regard to,
  * Tables and chairs make sure they are the right size and height for the age group.
  * Appropriate legal requirements,for safety,make sure all furniture and equipment has a kitemark or cc symbol to show that it meets with all health and safety regulations.
  * Who checks the equipment? It is the responsibility of all adults who work in the school to make sure the equipment they are using is safe for all.
When broken,who reports it and what happens?If something is found broken it should be reported to the schools Health and safety officer,the Headteacher and the caretaker.

How do you make sure the Fire access points are unobstructed?
It is the responsibility of all adults in the school as they walk around to be vigilant,and check to make sure there are no hazards or obstructions.

The Health and Safety policy is displayed clearly on the wall in the schools reception area,and it is dicussed during staff meetings.

2.3                                 Personal
How do you encourage children to be aware of their own personal safety,whilst being aware of the safety of others in the setting?
Children can be encouraged by talking to them about possible hazards.You can encourage them by letting them look around the classroom and identifying possible hazards.When they come into school at the start of the day,they are encouraged to place their coats and bags in the appropriate place,and to make sure that no one can trip over them,then sit crossed leg with hands on their lap so the teacher can do the register.
Provide an example of how you make sure that you encourage pupils to assess and manage their own risk when out playing or having a physical play.
A good way of doing this is takeing the class on a hazard walk around the school.this way they can write...