Lust for Life

I. Many options are available in attending colleges
a. Online learning has transformed education
b. Financial aid and loans are available
c. Schedules are easy to fit ones personal schedule
II. There are many reasons why having a college degree is significant, and im going to provide information in why that is.
III. My creditability towards the audience
a. My personal experience in having a college education
b. Family members with and without a college education
c. Peoples live with a college education
IV. Preview the body
a. the importance of a college education
b. the consequences of not having a college education
I. pursing a collage education
a. Online learning has transformed education by allowing students to attend classes whenever their schedule permits them from wherever internet access is available.
b. Financial aid and loans are available for students needing to finance a portion or all of their tuition.
II. (show graph). The annual income of a person with a collage degree and without.
a. College education
i. Adults who have a bachelor’s degree earn an average of $51,554
ii. College graduates enjoy better health, participate in more spare time activities, save a greater amount of their earnings
iii. offer an improved quality of life for their children and
b. high school diploma
i. High school diploma earned about an average of $28, 64.
ii. Few positions in the workforce with upward mobility or sufficient advancement opportunities are available.
iii. Lack of knowledge and skills.
III. Personal experience with and without a college education
a. Family
i. Labor work, working 12 hours a day 7 days a week.
ii. Also brothers with and without a collage education, 2 with a collage degree have good jobs, while the other struggles to make a decent income.
I. In conclusion, The main benefit of a college education that it betters your career opportunities.
II. A college degree opens a variety of opportunities...