Lure Me Back

The night is frigid, the snow sneaks between the seams of his boots sending chills up his legs. The cars driving by crunch above last night’s frozen snow; the stars are twinkling as if they are innocent for tomorrow’s snow.   The smoke flying above chimneys seems to fall before him and singe his nose, making him cough.   He walks now by my house where she is. He can taste her amazing cookies that seem to lure him back every time. His
mouth fills with spit as he almost returns but he keeps walking. He reaches the icy curve in the road where is life-long tree friend sat. It all seems so normal - like this is where he should be, home. He turns around, he runs, back home. His fingers are trembling as he fights to let himself indoors. His key ring drops from his hands and it falls to the ground in front of him. He hears the steps, he fears the most and it was right behind him.

His body is freezing in fear, begging the one behind him isn’t the one he’s been running from for three years. He fights against his motionless body, managing to turn and face his fear. It is who he thought.

“Guess who?” The man mutters.

“Steve?” he mumbles deeply.

“Wow, how’d you know?” Steve interrogates, “you were supposed to leave me and my family alone?” He growls.

“Tom, Tom, Tom, when will you ever learn?” Steve questioned.

“It’s not quite that easy. After what you did to me and my life- it just isn’t that simple to overcome.”Steve mutters.

“I didn’t do anything to hurt you or change your life,” he replies innocently, “you were the one who did that to yourself.”

“You sure?” Steve replies angrily.

"You know what you did!" Tom says.

"Go take a peek inside and tell your wife who has come to visit."Steve suggests.

"What did you do?"Tom insists

"Look fir yourself!"Steve continues.
    Tom looked over his shoulder quickly and back to Steve.   He steps backward slightly feeling for when his heel reaches the front of the step.   He reaches his foot up to the...