Inside to Costco's Success

An inside to Costco’s Success


      No company can achieve the goals to be successful without a solid plan. This plan involves strategies laid out and reviewed. Scenarios are a tool to ensure success in the event of changing markets. Markets change without warning. Companies analyze consumer buying trends and adjust the organizational and operational tasks. Economic upturns and recession play a crucial part in these decisions. Forecasting into the future requires a management team derived by human resources management who fill the gaps in an effort to meet the company’s goals. Competition both nationally and internationally is an adversary that Costco analyzes carefully. The brick and mortar and the e-commerce complement together create the revenues that stakeholders and stockholder watch.   The business plan that a Costco implement meets opportunities, and diminishes threats. The use of good ethics and sound judgment provides Costco with a positive image both home and abroad.   Today’s consumers and investors demand trust, which is vital in building customer loyalty and future expansion efforts.   This paper will allow the reader the chance to review Costco’s practices and plans. The investor will see how careful and sound business practices and decisions allow Costco to remain successful and continue to grow.

Economic Trends  

      Operational adaptation is a key that allows a store to survive. Costco has proven this. With more than 550 warehouse locations they are the largest at this time. The cardholders number 54 million. There is still room to grow.   In looking at product lines the competition is fierce. Prices of Televisions and DVD’s are falling. The online presence is allowing consumers to shop at home or even on the phone. According to Clifford at the New York Times “retailers are trying to lure customers back into the store, and make it more appealing” (NY Times, p1. 2012). Costco will remain a no frills type of business....