Assignment for week 3

Lillian Armstrong

ANT 101

Ronald Bolender

September 20, 2010

Greek Culture

As I was looking into this I have found out a lot of about this culture.

They have a diffent very on thing that to us are just every day part of life.   I have look at the religion to food and how and why they are into the Olympics like they are.   So lets look at them one by one.
First we will look at the religion part of it.   I must say that I just have one god as for them they have many.   They are deeply religious people.   They worshipped to many gods whom they believed appeared in human form and yet were endowed with superhuman strength and ageless beauty.   To them it never was a question if someone believed that the gods existed.   On the other hand. Individuals could certainly show themselves to be more or less mindful of the god.   I think that is all new to me.   I have never heard of this before.   I wish I could have ageless beauty.
Second lets look at food.     Most of they meal would be eaten in the courtyard near the house.   The cooking equipment was small and very light and was easily be set up there.   On sunny days the women would cook under cover sheltered in the courtyard.   This would keep them pale complexion that they would say was a sign of beauty.   The Greek would eat gains, figs, and wheat to make the bread. Barley, fruit, vegetables, cake and bread.   They would also eat grapes, seafood of any kind and drink wine.   They also would keep goats, for their milk and cheese and would time hunt them for they meat also well.
What kind of clothing did they wear?   This was very simple.   The men and women wore linen in the summer and wool in the winter.   They could buy their clothes at the marketplace, but it was very expensive.   Most of the family would make the own, which were simple tunics and warm cloaks, made out of linen or wool and dyed bright colors or they were...