1.What effect did the division of Berlin have?
-The division of Berlin inspired the division of Germany.
2.After the blockade airlift to this city, Germany was officially spilt into two, one democratic (the West) and one communist (a puppet government of Moscow). Where did this separation occur?
3.Explain the Cold War and its social and political effects.
-The Cold War was the cooling of relations between the Soviet Union & Western democracis.   Although no actual battles were fought, the threat of war,especially nuclear war, always hung over the world. Stuggles to claim nation as communist or non-communist became commonplace during the Cold War. The threat of Soviet domination seeped into American psyches. Postwar prosperity gave way to anxiety about the spread of communism. This anxiety came to a head during the 1950s, when the U.S was dominated by the false communist charges of Joseph McCarthy. Senator McCarthy spread the idea that anyone,even an average American citizen, could be a communists that ruined many lives and careers. Although McCathy's regin of terror essentially ended in the 1950s, many American decisions continued to be based on fear of communism.
4.The Berlin Airlift took place after the _____ blockaded part of Berlin.
-Soviet Union
5.The European Recovery Program was also called the _____
-Marshall Plan
6.The Marshall Plan, a plan to rebuild Europe, was seen by Stalin as a means to control Europe through western ____.
7.What are NATO and the Warsaw Pact?
-NATO is a mutual defense agreement formed by Western nations, and the Warsaw Pact is the retaliatory defense agreement of Eastern bloc nations.
8.How did the Truman Doctrine relate to the U.S policy of containment?
-Containment stated that the U.S woulnd not interfere with already communist countries, but that it would prevent the spread of communism to new countries.
9.The U.S policy of ____ meant that the U.S would not interfere with nations that already had...