Love Is Not a Deal

The other day,I was asked by a Chinese girl whether or not to accept a foreign guy 's proposal of being together with him for one year, after studying here for one year, he will leave for his country."you see ", she said,"no relationship is able to be foreseen as a good-ending one or to-be- broken one expiring at a juncture."I can see on her brilliant face the zest to seal the deal. She added:"this guy is rather responsible for being straightforward ".

"No!" I replied,"how arrogant and insincere he is! he treats a a relationship as a deal". The thought of parting in the near future fosters his inadequate devotion to our love. This guy has no faith in true love who is just seeking a partner to lessen loneness or maintain a seemingly-normal life. A kind of "novelty" enables them to be happier than any couples thanks to such a short period of time. Smart enough, he cares and loves more of himself that he prefers to LIVE THE MOMENT!

When a Chinese says "I love you" deeply from his heart , he is making a commitment that he is willing to be with her the whole life sharing weal and woe. However, this claim to the westerner can be read as :I have a crush on you at this moment and you are unique to me this time in my life! To them the morality is unfordable .

This unfordable thing is being fordable now. Many a Chinese considers conventionally love as impurity of golden love. They intend to keep no loyal to their partner than vice-verse and indulge themselves in nature's gift to welcome the unbearable lightness of being.

Life has its ups and downs.There are those who choose to own the best thing or person while shun away from those heavy obligations, disappointment with the partner's imperfection when all man are born faulty. Plenty of young girls are hunting long for a three "Have" boyfriend,say to have a house,have a car and have money.They attempt to seek security in a way of marrying wealthy people thus avoid to taste any bitterness in life which to me...