Family Life That Warms the Heart


I want to believe that all of us are familiar with the word “family”, because we all belong to families.

Jehovah God is the originator of the family arrangement. He is the Father of his heavenly family and the one to whom ‘all the families on earth owe their name.’ (Eph 3:14, 15) This is so because Jehovah established the first human family, and by this means he purposed that the earth be filled. Hence we are alive today because Jehovah has preserved the family arrangement.

Usually, a family is made up of a husband, a wife and their children. However, today other family arrangements have become increasingly common. For example, we now have the single-parent family, step family, extended family and (sadly) there are now also same-sex families (two men or two women living together as husband and wife.) In this discourse, our focus is going to be on the normal nuclear family arrangement comprising of a husband, a wife and their children. But the principles we are going to discuss are equally applicable to the other family arrangements.

A happy, wholesome family is a haven of safety and security. And it is worth striving for. However, many families today are far from being happy because of imperfection and pressures from Satan’s system which often lead to friction and disagreements between family members. As a result, they are torn apart.

The fact that there are many failed families today does not mean that the institution of the family arrangement is wrong. God is not to be blamed God for such failed families. Let’s illustrate it this way: If the buyer of a machine refuses to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on its usage, could the manufacturer be blamed if the product develops a problem? The answer is no. No matter how good the quality of the machine is, if it is not used properly it will develop problems. The same can be said of the family arrangement.

Jehovah God has provided perfect advice in the Bible to...