Living as a Transgender at Work

Living as a transgender at work
Week 2 assignment
Kevin Spreda
January 30, 2011

The world is full of different individuals from color, race genders, and religions. We all have issues that we deal with. These issue range from many things and change based on the individual. There are laws that protect each and every one of us in society and in the work place, so everyone thinks. This can be said for everyone unless you are a transgender or cross dresser. To anyone that does not know what transgender is basically it is an individual that was born one gender but acts or dresses as the other gender. This can also lead to have surgery to become the opposite gender as well. For the most part transgendered are just cross dressers and only about ten percent of transgender actually go to the extreme of having surgery.
For over thirty three years I have had to deal with this issue in my life that is treated differently. In the business field it should not be considered a problem, but unfortunately it is a big issue that can be considered unethical. This issue is that I am a transgender Individual. I live my life at work as a man the gender I was born, but I live my life outside of work as a women.
In the work place a transgender individual falls under no equal rights laws and we can be terminated just because the bosses do not care for someone who dresses like a woman when they are a man.
I am a manager for a local fast food chain that is also nationally known. They have over twenty five hundred restaurants throughout the world. With that many stores you would think being transgender would not be a problem, but every day I go to work I hear jokes and chatter about the gay community and transgender cracks. These may not be directed to me as I have kept this side of me a secret for so long.
Being transgender has always just been so easy to hide for the safety of myself because it is not common or very popular. When it comes to working in the business area you learn to...